• Allstar Management focuses on the complete management services of investor owned properties, and is able to provide high-end, affordable, turn-key service for individual or group investment companies. Having sustained high levels of year-over-year growth, Allstar is not only uniquely qualified to handle investor properties, but also sized appropriately to offer quality services, and most importantly, maintains a sharp focus on investor return on investment.

    Allstar Management was conceived with the mission of providing the best full-service, turn-key property management services available. Our full time maintenance and leasing staff are dedicated to maximizing our clients' investment returns by handling all of the day-to-day aspects of managing and maintaining rental property.

    • No Maintenance Surcharges - We do not mark up charges for performing repairs; all work is at cost.
    • Reduced Maintenance Costs - With our property management, expenses are minimized through our long term relationships with quality service providers. In addition, our weekly pay period provides vendors with greater cash flow and flexibility in performing various tasks. Because of our volume of work, our vendors give us excellent pricing which is directly passed on to our clients. We make available to our clients, copies of every billed invoice providing full disclosure of the expense.
    • No "Nickel and Diming" - Our clients don't get charged for items such as faxes, long distance, copies and postage expenses. We've even been known to waive fees. For example, once a new tenant occupies a unit, and the lease fee is assessed, if that tenant, for whatever reason, has to breach their lease after a short period, we will re-lease the residential or commercial property at no additional charge to our client, excluding direct expenses for make ready and advertising. We want to prevent bad ownership experiences and help, not hinder, our clients in their investments. This is essential to our property management and the bottom line to investors.
    • Diligent Rent Collection - Collecting rents, evicting non-paying tenants, and getting vacant units rented are done in a proactive and thorough fashion.
  • At Allstar, we offer a complete, turn-key management service for your commercial, retail, multi-family, or single family property.

    • Staffing. Allstar will provide trained on-site leasing and maintenance personnel for your property. We take pride in the fact that our size allows us to deliver hands-on site management at all levels; from our leasing agents and regional managers to our managing partner.
    • Leasing & Occupancy. Marketing is tailored to your property's specific requirements which may require simply promoting tenant referrals or more creative avenues of advertising and promotion. Tenant screening will include credit and criminal background checks plus previous landlord references.
    • Collections. Successful management of your property depends on diligent collection efforts. Those efforts begin with educating the new tenant of our payment expectations at move in and include timely distribution of late notices, 3 day demands, in person visits by the property manager, and when necessary, court filings.
    • Renewals & Increases. Allstar's goal is to maximize tenant retention in order to reduce turnover costs. Renewal notices to residents well in advance of lease expiration allow us time to negotiate an equitable lease renewal, or when move out is inevitable, time to market the unit prior to vacancy.
    • Payables. Allstar will pay all bills associated with your property, excluding taxes and mortgages. These are coded and will appear in detail on your operating statements.
    • Maintenance. We employ a full time, well-trained maintenance staff. Requests for maintenance are logged and a daily follow up is made by the property manager to ensure prompt response time.
    • Reporting. Included with your monthly owners draw are operating statements which detail current month income and expenses.

    For more information about our services, please contact us.

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